Choosing the Standards:


Teleduct, UGN, Vodafone, QAF, ICT, ITS, Fibre Optic

Underground communication systems, telecommunication and ELV ducts.


In addition to the third party long term type testing of all products, the following batch release or “routine” tests are carried out as standard:



Choosing the Dimensional Specifications:

uPVC Telephone Cable Ducts are manufactured according to Teleduct Standard, these pipes are in black colour and comply with Kahramaa Standards.

The following table illustrates the dimensional specifications of 54D and 56A.



Choosing the Fittings:


uPVC Electrical Duct Fittings

Qplast Electrical Duct Fittings are available for 50mm up to 200mm for all kinds of Long Radius Bend while the other fittings are available up to 250mm as per the client’s request.


Long Radius Bend 90 Degree


Long Radius Bend 60 Degree


Long Radius Bend 45 Degree


Long Radius Bend 30 Degree


Long Radius Bend 22 Degree


Long Radius Bend 11 Degree


LR Bend NEMA TC3 EPC 40 & 80


Duct End Cap


Street Lighting Pole LR Bend


Coupler/Double Socket




Bellmouth with Puddle Flange