Polyethylene (PE) Tiles for Warning and Safety


Heavy duty warning tiles, like warning tapes, are designed to give notice of buried danger below the tile.  The tiles are widely used to protect buried high voltage and medium voltage, fibre optic cables and other communication cables. These PE tiles are between 6 and 12 mm thick and pegged together to form a continuous line.   The tiles provide additional security; visibility and strength and have a long life.  Tiles are used where there is severe danger of death or disruption to essential services from excavation and are difficult to ignore when uncovered. Our tiles are manufactured from recycled polyethylene and contribute to the removal of waste plastic from circulation. Tile are supplied with joining pegs.


Warning Tiles are supplied in the following sizes:


Our PE Tiles exhibit the following properties:

Our tiles are rot-proof, thus will not undergo for biodegradation or chemical decomposition.


We are able to manufacture warning tiles to any design provided however, the maximum width is 72 cm and maximum thickness is 12mm.



PE Warning Tiles (Stocked Items)


Kahramaa Electrical Department

240mm x 1000mm x 6mm – Caution: Electric Cable Below


High Voltage

240mm x 1000mm x 6mm – Caution: High Voltage Cable Below


Fibre Optic

300mm x 1000mm x 8mm – Caution: Fibre Optic Cable Below



240mm x 1000mm x 6mm – Caution: CCTV Cable Below


Instrument Cables

300mm x 1000mm x 8mm – Caution: Instrument Cable Below


Above mentioned images are for reference only. Designs are as required by the relevant authority or standard and as such are subject to change.