BS EN 1329



Non-Pressure Above Ground Drainage Pipes & Fittings


  • Sockets may be either rigid (cemented) or with expansion joints (ring joints).
  • Rigid sockets are cemented.
  • Rigid sockets give excellent drainage since their rigidity enables the alignment of the drains at an angle to ensure efficient drainage.


In view of the importance of good cementing, it is recommended that Qplast cement is used. This complies with the latest European Regulations and is thoroughly tested.

Instructions must be followed when jointing to give a 50-year trouble free joint.

Expansion joints are provided with the use of TPV rings. These special rubber rings are manufactured and tested for a 50-year life and to withstand chemical attacks associated with waste water, sewerage and storm water drainage.

A 40 year life “parts” guarantee is provided by Qatar National Plastic under the European manufacturer’s guarantee of quality for these joints.

It should be noted that there are a variety of different materials used that cannot be guaranteed longer than 5-10 years including TPE and Rubber. Customers should insist on Qplast Quality that is tested for long term use.

Pipes with expansion joints should be inserted with lubricant. Qplast lubricant manufactured by Unicol should be used to ensure the full life and correct fitting of these joints.