uPVC Non-Pressure Pipes (Underground Pipes)




Choosing the Standard:


BS EN 1401

  • Underground drainage, sewer and storm water pipes are available under BS EN 1401 in Terracotta (Orange Brown, RAL 8023) as follows:

In addition to the third party long-term type testing of all products, the following batch release or “routine” tests are carried out as standard:

Keyword: HRT – Heat Reversion Test; DCMT – Dichloromethane Test; VST – Vicat Softening Test


Choosing the SDR Rating:


BS EN 1401

The British standard BS EN 1401 specify the requirement for pipes in the field of non-pressure underground drainage and sewerage, both outside the building structure and those buried in ground within the building structure. The following table illustrates the relationship between the pipe design and pressure rating for BS EN 1401.


Choosing the Fittings:

  • Qplast BSEN 1401 fittings are manufactured strictly in accordance with the BSEN standard and can be used with any compliant pipes but are recommended for Qplast pipes. Where fittings are not specified directly in the standard, these are manufactured to the same quality and rating as the standard and therefore are marked with the standard as is the market practice. Qplast BSEN1401 fittings are compatible with DIN 19534.
  • BSEN 1401 fittings are rated as ‘UD’ and ‘D’. UD fittings are for underground use proper. All Qplast fittings are rated UD. Beware: D rated fittings should not be used underground but only buried inside buildings.
  • Qplast BSEN 1401 fittings are fully compliant and rated as follows:

SDR: 41
SN: 4
Application: “UD” Underground

  • The following fittings are available under Qplast brand:

F/F: : Female/Female socket
M/F : Male/Female socket
RRJ : Rubber Ring Joint
SCJ : Solvent Cement Joint