Choosing the Standard:



BS 4607 / Q.C.S.

Conduit Pipes & Fittings manufactured according to BS 4607 in White (RAL 9016) and Black (RAL 9055) in accordance with the following tables.

For the BS 4607 / Q.C.S. Fittings selection, see below
Qplast BS 4607 fittings are compatible with BS 6099-1982.




Electrical Conduit Testing

QPlast conduits and fittings have been tested in accordance with BS 61386 including the necessary type tests to verify the products.  This includes, electrical properties, heat resistance, tensile, etc. The following routine or batch tests are carried out to ensure the compliance of each product:

  • Spring Bend Test;
  • Impact Test;
  • Compression Test.



Choosing the Dimensional Specifications:

BS 4607 / Q.C.S.

Qplast conduit systems comply with the latest edition of the BS 7671 IEE Wiring Regulations.
The following table illustrates the dimensional specifications from 20mm to 50mm conduit pipes, in compliance with QCS Standard.

It is recommended that heavy duty is used for greater durability.



Choosing the Fittings:


Qplast conduit fittings are available for 20 and 25mm with a full range of products.  Fittings for the larger sizes are shown below and supplemented with third party fittings to cover these sizes.




Junction Box ‘H’ Way


Junction Box 4-Way


Junction Box ‘Y’ Way


Junction Box 3-Way


Junction Box ‘U’ Way


Junction Box 2-Way (straight)


Space Bar Saddle


Junction Box 2-Way (angle)


Circular Lid (for Junction Box)


Junction Box 1-Way




Female Thread Adaptor