uPVC Pressure Pipes 



Choosing the Standard:




BS 3505 

Pressure pipes and fittings that form the Qplast Pressure System (‘QPS’) are used for cold liquid transport.  QPS is manufactured under the old Imperial British Standard BS 3505 as well as under BS EN 1452 the new European Norms under the British Standard (metric and imperial). QPS is produced in Dark Grey (RAL 7011), as follows:

In addition to the third party long term type testing of all products, the following batch release or “routine” tests are carried out as standard:

Keyword: HPT – Hydrostatic Pressure Test; HRT – Heat Reversion Test; DCMT – Dichloromethane Test; VST – Vicat Softening Test



Choosing the Pressure Rating:


BS 3505




Choosing the Fittings:


Male Threaded Adaptor


Elbow 45°


Elbow 90°






End Cap


Reducing Bush