uPVC Pressure Pipes 



Choosing the Standard:




ASTM D 1785 / ASTM D 2665

ASTM D 1785 and ASTM D 2665 covers SCHEDULE 40 and 80 for water distribution and irrigation systems, forced sewer & condensate drain. Colours are available in Dark Grey RAL 7011 & ASTM D 2665 in White RAL 9016, see the table below:

In addition to the third party long-term type testing of all products, the following batch release or “routine” tests are carried out as standard:

Keyword: BPT – Burst Pressure Test; SPT – Sustained Pressure Test; FT – Flattening Test



Choosing the Pressure Rating:


ASTM D 1785 / ASTM D 2665

The following table illustrates the dimensional specifications of ASTM D 1785 / ASTM D 2665 between Schedule 40, Schedule 80 and “Drain, Waste and Vent” pipes.



Choosing the Fittings:


Male Threaded Adaptor


Elbow 45°


Elbow 90°






End Cap


Reducing Bush